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Situated in Ebeltoft, Denmark, GreenOil Standard has found an innovative solution combining Danish quality, our strong naval history, and the search for a greener future. During the past 10 years we have provide our customers with a unique and exceptional experience within oil filtration, as we develop, design, and manufacture exclusive oil filtration systems for hydraulics, diesel, marine gas oil, and lubrication oil.

Acknowledged as a reliable and trusted manufacturer by our partners and customers worldwide, we take pride in this position within the market and always strive to provide the best solution possible. We continually enhance our products and services in order to maintain our strong brand identity and stand the test against time and in rough waters.

Performance to rely on. This is our brand promise, and from which we work every day. It is a commitment we continuously make in every single procedure and action carried out within our company. Giving you the best oil filtration

A Passion for Oil Filtration

Our passion is oil filtration, and we get a kick out of seeing a great oil sample. A kick that we share with our customers when the best solution for their exact vessel is found. We strive to be your partner in all aspects of oil filtration, as we deliver environmentally conscious, easy maintainable and economically beneficial solutions.

Environmentally conscious by delivering long lasting results and using surplus sheep’s wool in the as part of the solution, giving you a greener footprint. Every little step helps on the road to sustainability. Easy maintainable by making maintenance of our system a no skill job, where easy access, speed and no excess spare parts are an integral part of the design. Giving you happy chiefs onboard your vessel. Economically beneficial by creating a solution which not only provides a fast return of investment and increases equipment lifetime but lowers downtime and manhours. Consideration for investments and finances has been an integral part of the design process from the beginning.

Clean oil is a necessity, making a reliable oil filtration system a must. Our know-how and hands on experience provides us with a unique insight into the demands of today and of what a filtration system must be able do. Enabling us to create tailormade solutions where functionality is top of mind. To ensure that each vessel is equipped with the best oil filtration system, we work closely with our customers, making sure we fulfill all their filtration needs, now and in the future. Close customer collaboration and continuous communication are essential elements in our work when designing a greener future. For us, that future starts with proper oil filtration.

Danish Design and Practicality is our DNA

Our origin stems from one man, who has spent most of his life working on green and sustainable solutions, Lars Brejnbjerg. He was part of the team developing the small electrical car Mini-el (known in Denmark as the “Ellert”) in the 80’ies. Later he was headhunted by a local company to find a sustainable solution in maintaining oil quality. However, as he was researching the existing market, he realized that there was no ideal solution for removing water from oil. Therefore, he put all his efforts into developing a new solution, the ideal solution. First particle filtration was accomplished by utilizing natural sheep wool as it features excellent particle retention and high fiber strength. Then water separation was made through an innovation principle, where heat is transferred to the water contamination by indirect heating of the oil surface. Though the original prototype was simple, using a heating element form an ordinary kitchen kettle, the solution proved to be more than 10 times as effective as known evaporation principles in which direct heat was used to warm up the oil. Once field tests were completed, the principles were patented, and by 2008 local investors saw a great opportunity, enabling GreenOil Standard to expand internationally.

As a global brand, our offline oil filtration systems are used across all industries and on every continent, but primarily we filter oil for the marine industry, so we are always proud to see a vessel docking knowing our filtration system is onboard. This only furthers our passion for clean oil, and our commitment to our customers, where we continuously strive for excellence as we research and develop new systems and make improvements to the ones already produced. For every vessel GreenOil Standard can assist in arriving safely at their destination we consider it a job well done, and as our fleet expands with thousands of installations worldwide, we believe close collaboration is our way forward.

Why Choose GreenOil?

GreenOil standard is a state-of-the-art solution in offline oil filtration, ensuring that you machinery runs smoothly throughout its lifetime. Having low power consumption, the GreenOil system maintains your oil systems using natural green materials. Contaminants and water are removed without affecting oil properties. The materials as well as our patented maintenance-free water removal solution has proven itself as being one of the most efficient on the market.

It is well known that clean oil is key when operating a machine, and if an engine fails you are potentially in serious trouble. Oil contamination is responsible for up to 80% of oil system failures. Particles and water can contaminate the oil, and in the end, damage your machinery and engine, causing breakdowns, increasing downtime and potentially reek-havoc on your entire system. Making sure your oil is clean, you ensure reliability and durability in any kind of oil system, which is why proper oil filtration is needed. It is performance you can rely on.

Through proper oil maintenance, lower lifecycle costs are achieved through high operational reliability and durability. GreenOil systems keeps your machinery healthy with low investment costs. Additionally, the offline oil filtration systems are easy to maintain, freeing up your crew to work elsewhere, leaving room in your hull as there is no extra spare parts needed and with less downtime you have excess opportunity to ship out when need be.

Leading Shipowners Working with GreenOil

Thousands of GreenOil filtration systems are installed across the world fleet. It is very essential for efficient particle filtering – primarily because oil systems include sensitive components and operate at very small tolerances.

Sustainability, Efficiency, Rentability

Our goal is to be your partner in all aspects of maintaining your oil systems by delivering sustainable, easy maintainable and economical beneficial solutions.


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“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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