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Retrofit for MSM Douro, Dolores, Don, Black Rhino and Alsterdiep

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The problems that we faced the last 3 years with very expensive spare parts, the huge amount of communications with the makers of the Purifiers and in line the lack of purification during that period has drive us to a more simple system. The simplicity of the unit from handling side we believe is the biggest advantage.”

Engine Crew, MSM Don, Mastermind Shipmanagement LTD

Time For a Filter Change 

Frustration amongst the crew had grown within the MSM fleet. Their existing onboard centrifugal separators required too many spare parts, handling had become a hassle and the order procedure left much to be desired. Most importantly they had continues problems with water contamination in their main engine’s lube oil, and therefore had to change it too often to avoid engine breakdowns. After 3 years of patience, it was time for a change, it was time for quality and simplicity, it was time for GreenOil.

In August 2020, the first GreenOil system was installed onboard MV MSM DON. The WP1-P2-750 was fitted to clean the lubeoil of a Yanmar main engine type 6EY26, shortly thereafter great results were obtained and substantial savings were achieved within a few moths.

Now, a few years after GreenOil was chosen to set the standard for Mastermind Shipmanagement ltd. oil filtration, the results are still positive. So much so, that MSM is awaiting the installation of a GreenOil system on a fourth vessel in their fleet in the summer of 2022 and have ordered ten WP1-B2-400 systems for their five O-class bulk carriers. MSM saw the benefits of not only a short return of investment, the reliability of clean oil, but also the advantages surrounding maintenance especially the ease of changing a filter in a manner of minutes.

Onboard each vessel a WP1-P2-750 system is installed, providing quality filtration on lubeoil.

Design and Practicality

Design and practicality are a part of the GreenOil DNA, we always strive to create systems which work well both in theory and reality. An instrumental part of working well is the ease at which a system can be handled. A vessel can swiftly find it self in high seas, where maintenance is not top of mind nor easy to perform. In such conditions reliable machinery is Alfa and Omega. Therefore, functionality for both crew and filtration was an integral part of the design process.

A design which Mastermind saw the benefits of, as it lowers downtime, prolongs the lifespan of oil and the machinery and is better for the environment i.e. CO2 reduction, no sludge, and no oil loss during filter change. The greener footprint was one more reason to continue with the GreenOil installations from MSM management’s side. They saw a change that would benefit the fleet now and in the future, ensuring that all their vessels will have water under their keels for years to come.

Based on the positive experience with a new solution in oil filtration, Mastermind is now considering adding GreenOil as their partner for the coming newbuilding program.

Navkratis, our Cypriot partner saw the benefits for both GreenOil and MSM, and facilitated the sale. 

“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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