GreenOil Particle Filtration Solution with Patented Water Separation

 A More Sustainable Filtration

GreenOil offers the most efficient particle filtration system on the market, suitable for all oil types. Additionally the GreenOil solution comes with several green advantages, such as low power consumption, no oil spill nor sludge production and the filters consists of surplus sheep wol, making your filtration more green than greasy. The cost efficient solution, which even has an average payback time of less than a year in most cases.

1. Filter Section

The filter insert is designed with a high level of deep filtration. The purpose is to have a large surface and deep fine filtration for high dirt holding capacity, efficiently increasing the filter lifetime. 

2. Second Filter Section

The filter insert is designed to retain sludge, particles, combustion residues, varnish, oxidation and water from any engine application. 



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Engine Lubrication Oil:

GreenOil range of filtration system to replace separators/purifiers for engine applications. Achieve better oil performance, less operation and maintenance cost and benefits for less man hours, as well secure good and healthy working conditions.

Data Sheet WP1-PX-30-400_01.2020

Data Sheet WP1-PX-750-1500_01.2020


Diesel and Marine Gas Oil:

With GreenOil Diesel and Marine Gas Oil filtration and water separation system, you achieve better oil performance, less operation and maintenance cost and benefits for less man hours, as well secure good and healthy working conditions.

Data Sheet WP1-C1-125-1000_01.2020

Data Sheet WP1-CX-500-2000_01.2020

Propulsion systems:

GreenOil holds the most efficient combined particle filtration system and patented water separation on the market, suitable for any oil types in propulsion systems, including EALs. Efficient particle filtration and water separation optimize the oil performance and ensure operational reliability and durability.

Data Sheet WP2-X3-40-100_01.2020

Data Sheet WP2-A4-40-400_01.2020

Data Sheet WP2-H4-40-400_01.2020

Hydraulic and Gear Oil:

Combined particle filtration and water separation ensure operational reliability and durability with further savings on maintenance cost and oil changes.

Data Sheet WP1-BX-30-400_01.2020

Mobile Solutions:

Mobile solutions with high water removal capacity for emergency, and for maintenance of multiply applications.

Data Sheet WP1-CX1-XX Mobile_01.2020

Data Sheet WP1-PX-100-400 Mobile_01.2020

Data Sheet WP2-X3-40-100 Mobile_01.2020

Filter Elements and Electrical Preheater:

GreenOil range of filter elements, compatible with GreenOil range of filter systems meets your needs for optimal oil performance. Electrical preheaters improve oil temperature efficiently in cold areas.

Data Sheet GreenOil range of filter elements_01.2020

Data Sheet Electrical Oil Preheater_01.2020

Filter replacement

Effortless maintenance without any use of tools, no oil spill and no oil contact benefit good and healthy working conditions.

Performance to Rely On

This is our brand promise, and from which we work every day. It is a commitment we continuously make in every single procedure. Giving you the best oil filtration possible. Acknowledged as a reliable and trusted manufacturer by our partners and customers worldwide, we take pride in this position within the market and always strive to provide the best solution possible. We continually enhance our products and services in order to maintain our strong brand identity and stand the test against time and in rough waters.


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