MSM use greenoil to clean the oil onboard several vessels

Oil Filtration Made Simple

Frustration amongst the crew had grown within the MSM fleet. Their existing onboard centrifugal separators required too many spare parts, handling had become a hassle and the order procedure left much to be desired. After 3 years of patience, it was time for a change, it was time for quality and simplicity, it was time for GreenOil.

GreenOil optimize the operation of DFDS fleet

15 GreenOil filter systems are installed onboard Ro-Ro ship Ark Germania. The filtration systems maintain the oil quality of the many critical oil applications onboard.

21 filtration systems for ESVAGT

ESVAGT knows that clean oil is vital on the long term to keep the vessels in good and safe operation conditions. ESVAGT has selected GreenOil for 21 oil applications onboard their new SOV-designs built by HAVYARD.

American Seafoods

American Seafoods has selected GreenOil as retrofit solution for their old fishing vessels. 5 out of 6 vessels are now completely retrofitted with GreenOil solutions for engine lubrication and Diesel oil. Old purifiers has been de-commissioned.

Oil filtration for UBC Cork

Intership Navigation has chosen GreenOil for their engines. In the past they had issues with water in the engine lubrication oil caused by the existing purifier. GreenOil have solved the issue and now with a simple filtration system among good and steady oil quality, the vessel will save on oil and energy consumption and as well maintenance cost.

Norwegian Gannet

Norwegian Gannet the world’s biggest salmon factory vessel has from new build installed GreenOil filtration systems for engine lubrication and Diesel oil instead of traditional separators. Efficiently oil cleaning, minimal maintenance and much less operation and maintenance cost was the key when selecting GreenOil as trusted manufacture.

Sustainability, Efficiency, Rentability

Our goal is to be your partner in all aspects of maintaining your oil systems by delivering sustainable, easy maintainable and economical beneficial solutions.


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