Retrofit of Diesel and Lubrication Filtration Systems

American Seafoods, Seattle USA

In 2018 old, expensive and time consuming separators made American Seafoods look for a new and more sustainable solution for their filtration needs. Once they saw the performance and easy maintenance of a GreenOil system, cooperation was inevitable.

Replacement for Existing Separators

Back in 2018 American Seafoods ordered two offline oil filtration systems one for lubrication oil and one for diesel. It was the vessel Northern Eagle which was retrofitted first. For the two main engines Bergen BRM 8, we installed two GreenOil system of the type WP1-P2-750 which ensured the engines could run smoothly as the lubrication oil was cleaned thoroughly. Once installed, American Seafoods saw first hand the benefits of quality oil filtration.   

After the trial period ended, they found it to be working as promised, that a GreenOil system is in fact performance that can be relied on. Therefore, they decided to have more vessels retrofitted, ultimately removing separators completely. Sister vessels Northern Jaeger, American Dynasty, Ocean Rover and Katie Ann has also been equipped with engine lubrication oil filtration and diesel filtration, and have now been running for years with lowered downtime, saved manhours and easy maintenance.

As a retrofit case, the return on investment are in these cases were all around 4 months. American Seafoods can now rely on a simply and highly efficient filtration systems, which are also less time consuming and have better environmental prospect.

Northern Eagle with the 2x GreenOil WP1-P2-750 for the Bergen BRM 8 main engines. Photo: Troy Bills.

A Concept for the Crew

“I really like the units so far. It’s a simple concept that works really well. The oil samples came back with no issues. We go through less cartridges then what I expected. The units are very simple to operate, and to service. No tools, or special knowledge needed. No physical contact with the oil, and no mess involved in the process of rep/acing cartridges. The cartridges can also be disposed in the incinerator, so no issues there.

Very few spare parts will be required to have on hand, other than the consumable cartridges. I can maybe see the need to have a spare pump with motor, a couple of electric heating elements, and a few seals, but this would be a tiny fraction of the inventory needed for the Alfa Laval separators. No expensive, or complicated electronics are involved, thus no need to have expensive replacement electronics as spares.

 Crew likes the concept. Very low maintenance, and simple to service.”

Otto Galdal, Chief engineer on Northern Eagle

“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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