ESVAGT Knows the Importance of Clean Oil 

ESVAGT knows that clean oil is vital for machinery that must ensure safe operation conditions. ESVAGT has selected GreenOil for 21 oil applications onboard their new SOV-designs built by HAVYARD.

Safety First for ESVAGT

ESVAGT builds on a strong cultural heritage of fishermen. Here safety is at the forefront of every decision. Clean oil is key when it comes to safety as contaminated oil can reek havoc on a vessels machinery. Havyard Ship Technology and ESVAGT have selected GreenOil to supply all offline oil filtration systems onboard their fleet. From 2020 to 2022 a total of 21 systems have been installed filtrating diesel, hydraulic and lube oil ensuring the engine, thrusters and much more runs smoothly for all operations. It is performance to rely on. Along with our partner Ditech Filter Solutions in Norway, we secured the contracts for three new Service Operation Vessels due to past performance of our offline oil filtration systems.

“GreenOils filtration principle is quite unique and cost effective for ship owners. It has been a success and since we introduced the solution for the Norwegian market. We are proud that Havyard together with ESVAGT has chosen the GreenOil filter solution”, says Sales Manager at Ditech, Johannes Solsvik

In GreenOil we are happy to continue our strong growth in the maritime market, and are proud to be chosen as a supplier for a company who values safety as a top priority. GreenOil has now been contributing to safe operations on 8 out of ESVAGT’s latest 10 newbuilding’s.

“ESVAGT knows that clean oil is vital on the long term to keep the vessels in good and safe operation conditions and we are happy to continue our cooperation with ESVAGT, says Sales Manager in GreenOil” says Mr. Rune Hjortnæs Pedersen.

“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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