Norwegian Gannet

– The world’s biggest salmon factory vessel

Norwegian Gannet, the world’s biggest salmon factory vessel, build at Astilleros Balanciaga in Spain.

Ditech Filter Solution AS

Ditech Filter Solution AS, the distributor of GreenOil in Norway. Played a major role with the shipowner HAV Line AS which decided to install GreenOil onboard the vessel, instead for any separators.

Norwegian Gannet has equipped 1x WP1-P1-1000 forengine lubrication oil to the Wartsila 31 main engine and 2x WP1-P2-400 for the two Wartsila Aux. engines. Further the vessels have equipped 2x WP1- C1-1000 for cleaning of the diesel for the entire propulsion.

2x WP1-C1-1000 for diesel filtration and water separation.
Photo: Johannes Solsvik.

WP1-P2-400 for engine lubrication oil. Photo: Johannes Solsvik

“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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