Oil filtration for UBC Cork main engines

lntership Navigation (Cyprus) identified the many benefits using the GreenOil filtration system instead of the separators, which after the installation was identified and confirmed by the C/E onboard UBC Cork.

GreenOil filtration system

The issue with a difficult and time-consuming separator at high maintenance and operation cost, two GreenOil systems of the model WPl-B2-400 was installed instead of the separators for their two Daihatsu 2500 kW main engines.


To: Mr. Rune Pedersen

Subject: Latest Record of Green Oil Filtration System Dear Sirs,

Good afternoon. Attached are the latest records of Green Oil Filtration System, and probably next log sheet to be sent end of this month. So far both units are working well, and the latest oil analysis done on board in both engines are 0.01 % of water content. Also, it was observed that the oil consumptions of both main engines were decrease. Because no more L.O. purifier that sametime its operation gat malfunction and discharge same of the oil.
This Green Oil Filtration System is much more convenient, and less maintenance compared to L.O. Purifier.

Best regards,
C/E Nelson B. Onday


By the performance of the GreenOil system, lntership Navigation have now also installed the GreenOil systems on all the sister vessels UBC Chile, UBC Cyprus, UBC Canada and UBC Cartagena.

The two GreenOil systems WP1-B2-400 replacing fully the existing purifiers.

“GreenOil is an innovative company, passioned and specialized in oil filtration. Our patented solutions are well proven, and are recognized as efficient, economical and sustainable solutions, which have resulted in satisfied and loyal customers.“



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