Aura Seaways one of the worlds largest RoPax ferries. Photo credit DFDS Seaways.

It has almost been a year since the largest RoPax ferry, the first of two, in the DFDS fleet was on her way to Europe from GSI (Guangzhou Shipyard), and with that marked a completion of a great partnership between DFDS and GreenOil Standard.

DFDS har an ambitious ESG strategy, that includes taking actions to care for their employees, the oceans, the industry, and local communities. When building new vessels, they aim to reduce the CO2 emissions, create secure workspace, and use suppliers with greener profiles. In order to complete these ambitious goals, DFDS amongst others looked to a new method of filtrating the oil onboard. Once tested a satisfied crew saw the benefits of the system’s size, effortless maintenance, a more sustainable filtration material and the positive effects of keeping the oil clean for the equipment onboard, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

Simontanusly at Jinling Shipyard in China DFDS had commisioned six RoRo vessels, each being 237,4 meters long, they are classified as mega vessels. Onboard each ship 8 GreenOil systems are installed filtrating various oil types.

Clean oil is key in order to prolong the oil and components lifetime. Without clean oil, wear and tear on the machinery becomes increasingly worse over time, resulting in break downs, broken machinery and eventually delays. Keeping the oil on board clean, is therefore a priority for DFDS as they know the value of reduced downtime that comes when using GreenOil.

DFDS are actively addressing their environmental footprint. They have acted on several initiatives to become more sustainable, and we are proud suppliers to be a small part of this grand initiative.


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