The inner workings of a GreenOil offline oil filtration system is not known to all, but in order to provide the best service for our customers around the world, it is important to us, that our agents know exactly how our systems work. This gives them the skills and know how to deliver support locally and find the best solution for each vessel in their portfolio. 

Our Italian and Suisse agent, Mistral Marine Solutions are known for exactly that – finding the best solution for their customers needs. So last week the took the trip to Denmark to train some of their staff in the GreenOil principles to provide better service in their region. 

It was hands on from the get go as they combined the theoretical knowledge on offline oil filtration and why it is the preferred filtration method onboard a vessel, with working on systems in the GreenOil prodution. They were taken through the process of assembeling a system with our skilled production crew, discussing the different steps along the way to make sure that no questions were left unanswered. 

The needs and requirements for vessels today are constantly evolving, and to stay on top of the offline filtration technology is vital to us. So we happily take every chance we get to talk  about oil filtration and share knowledge with our partners around the world. This is how we grow together and are able to give our customers an even better experience when choosing a GreenOil offline oil filtration system as the solution to their filtration needs. 

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Ship of the Year 2023

ECOFIVE was named Ship of the Year 2023 at Nor-Shipping. It is the first time in history that a fishing vessel has won this award, but due to the groundbreaking techonolgy and new approaches onboard the fishing vessel, it is an eco-friendly fishing vessel aiding in...

Replacing the Separator Reduced Sludge and Maintenance for Østensjø

For decades, Østensjø has been the epitome of efficiency at sea through innovation and experience, securing safety for personnel accessing Wind Turbine Generators. For them performance to rely on is an absolute must. In 2021 the separators which once cleaned the...

DFDS Takes Action to Reduce Their Environmental Footprint

Aura Seaways one of the worlds largest RoPax ferries. Photo credit DFDS Seaways.It has almost been a year since the largest RoPax ferry, the first of two, in the DFDS fleet was on her way to Europe from GSI (Guangzhou Shipyard), and with that marked a completion of a...

Are you planning to cut your CO2 emission and improve your EEXI/EEDI?

Klaverness Ship Management aims to cut CO2 emmission by 30-40% compared to standard dry bulk and tanker vessels.

Norwegian Intership selects GreenOil solutions for new building.

Norwegian based Intership has selected GreenOil solutions for its new building at Zamkona Yards in Spain.

REM Offshore chooses Greenoil Standard as filter supplier.

Rem Offshore has awarded contract to Ditech for delivery of GreenOil filters for engine lube oil filtration.


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