The pelagic trawler “S349 Gitte” of Gitte Henning ApS has done the retrofit solution with the GreenOil for the whole vessel.  

The owner, Henning Kjeldsen has decided to take care of the environment and go green with the offline filters produced of sheep wool from GreenOil Standard.

S349 Gitte is equipped with 2 x WP1-P2-750 GreenOil units to clean the lubrication oil for the main engines instead of the tradition centrifugal separators.

Further the vessel is equipped with a WP1-C1-1000 for cleaning the diesel oil for the entire vessel.

Last and least the GreenOil WP2-H4-100 has been installed for the hydraulic oil to the fishing pump. The WP2 model has combined particles filtration and its own water separation system.

Applications for retrofit

  • 2 x MAK 8M25C
    Delo 1000 Marine 40
  • MGO/DO system 
  • Hydraulic fishing pump
    Hydraulic Oil HDZ 68


The green newbuilding vessel Gitte Henning 2

New building: New Green “Gitte Henning 2”

The GreenOil installations on S349 Gitte has shown good oil performance and GreenOil equipment has been awarded for the complete fine filter scope for the new green fishing vessel.  

GreenOil will equip the vessel with five Lubrication Oil filtration systems, as well three MGO/DO filtration systems. Expected yard delivery time is December 2021

The new pelagic fishing vessel will have a number of environmentally friendly solutions.

The vessel is designed by Salt Ship Design in Norway and are being built at Zamakona Yards in Spain.

GreenOil applications for new building

GreenOil Lube Oil filtration Yanmar Engines

  • 2 x WP1-P2-200 + Preheater
  • 3 x WP1-P2-400 + Preheater

GreenOil MGO/DO system

  • 1 x WP1-C1-500
  • 2 x WP1-C1-500


The green newbuilding vessel Gitte Henning 2

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